Septic Tank Maintenance

Cesspool and Septic Tank Maintenance is not an easy task and while this is a job that you can conduct yourself, it is best to have a professional handle it. Magnum Cesspool Service Inc. of Long Island has the experts needed to maintain both your cesspool and septic tank system. Your Septic Tank should be pumped out by a professional every two to three years and there are many ways to preserve the life of your Septic Tank.

If you follow these rules, you will able to keep a maintained and functional Septic Tank:

  • Keep a record of pumping, inspections and maintenance
  • Do not park or drive heavy vehicles where the septic tank system is installed
  • Never flush or use strong chemicals and bacteria-destroying products. Drain cleaners, solvents, paint thinners and more can disrupt septic tank flow and the operation of the absorption system
  • Never flush materials that don't easily degrade. That includes paper towels, cotton swabs, personal hygiene products, etc.
  • Always direct drainage away from the septic system. This means any run-off from the roof, cellar and surface water run-off must be kept way from the septic tank
  • Plant grass and shallow-rooted plants over the absorption field. Keeping trees and long-rooted plants and shrubs away from this area will prevent roots from clogging the system
  • Always conserve water! Check for defective toilet tank valves, repair leaky fixtures and install appliances that use less water

Septic Tanks can be sensitive structures and if not properly maintained, the cost to fix them can be astronomical. Call Magnum Cesspool Service today for all of your septic tank maintenance needs.

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