Septic Tank Systems

Separate from the cesspool is the septic tank, where waste decomposes via bacterial. Unlike the cesspool, the septic tank is a solid chamber that allows solids to sink to the bottom. The container is constructed of concrete or fiberglass. After the waste from inside your home leaves, it enters the tank. In the context of cesspools, the word septic represents anaerobic bacteria. This formulates in the tank with the purpose of decomposing waste.

The "organic" material moves to the surface and is then transformed to pure liquid by bacteria. The solids and non-organic substances sink to the bottom. This is the sludge. In between the top layer of scum and the bottom layer of sludge is water. This liquid will overflow into the soil. When a septic tank is not present, more pressure is put on the cesspool performance. Therefore, more maintenance and inspection is required. This is how cesspools work. It may not be something that you want to see, but the smooth operation of your cesspool and septic tank is imperative for happy living.

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